Drowning Accident Lawyer Melbourne

Drowning is a leading cause of death for children under the age of 4, and often these tragic near-drowning and drowning accidents occur in private or public swimming pools. When a standard of safety is not properly upheld and a child can get to the water, they often are attracted to neighborhood, hotel and apartment complex pools or hot tubs.

If you have lost a loved one in a drowning accident, it is crucial that you contact a drowning lawyer to assist you with the legal aspects of the case. Some drownings occur as the result of a boating accident, retention pond or at the beach; any such tragedy is naturally emotionally overwhelming and the loss that the family suffers is unimaginable. However, there are legal aspects to many drowning cases that should be addressed by a skilled lawyer. If you have lost a loved one in a drowning incident, contact Derrick Connell today for your free legal consultation.

Helping Swimming Pool Accident & Drowning Victims Take Legal Action

After a drowning or pool accident occurs, you will need to file a claim or lawsuits against the party whose negligence caused the accident. This will give you the chance to receive the financial compensation that you and your loved ones are rightfully due. Derrick Connell can help you take action against the individual or entity that did not uphold their duty, whether that duty was in maintenance, supervision or another area. Sadly, a high percentage of these heartbreaking cases involve young children, and parents and families suffer unimaginable grief when they have lost loved ones or when their children suffer from permanent injuries.

We can assist the families or the injured individual in the legal process in all types of drowning cases, including near drowning, pool accidents, beach accidents, child drowning accidents, water park or hotel drowning, apartment pool drowning and retention pond drowning. Our experienced attorneys can assist with any cases of summer camp drowning, drowning accidents that involve a defective or broken pool gate, swimming pool drain accidents such as entrapment, pool operator negligence, negligent life guards, boating accidents, spa or hot tub accident cases, and more.

If you have lost a child due to a drowning accident, do not wait another minute longer to call our firm. Derrick Connell is dedicated to helping families just like yours get back on their feet after an accident has traumatically altered their life. We understand that no amounts of money will ever being back your loved one, but we are committed to ensuring that justice is sought and the negligent party is held responsible. To learn more about our firm and how we are ready to help you fight to protect your right to a fair settlement, call Derrick Connell today for a free legal consultation.