Melbourne Fl Trucking Accident Lawyer

Large commercial trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road. These semi tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers have a fatal crash rate that is more than 50% greater than the rate for all other vehicles.

Some of the factors that lead to semi tractor-trailer accidents are driver fatigue; reckless driving; poorly maintained vehicles, including tires, brakes and trailer frames; and excess cargo weight. From cross-country tractor-trailers to local gravel trucks, these dangerous trucks – and their drivers – pose a serious threat to public safety.

If you have been injured in an accident with a semi-truck, tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, contact our Melbourne or Palm Bay truck accident lawyers. We immediately begin investigating the accident by:

  • Undertaking a criminal background check of the truck driver
  • Analyzing the relationship between the driver, the operating company, the trailer, and the load to try to determine liability and responsibility
  • Reviewing the hiring and training procedures of the trucking company
  • Researching the maintenance history of the truck and the equipment
  • Determining whether the driver followed regulations regarding rest periods and miles covered

In addition to the extensive knowledge and experience of our attorneys, we use well-known trucking experts. Trucking accidents can be complicated by problems identifying the truck or the owner when the driver leaves the scene. Our investigators and experts make every effort to find the truck and the driver, interviewing nearby witnesses and researching possible truck routes whenever possible. We use all the evidence to build a strong case, always preparing as if it will proceed to trial.

Nearly 110,000 men, women and children are killed or injured each year on our highways in crashes with big trucks. Those are just statistics, unless it’s happened to you. Approx­i­mately one out of every for semi-trucks, upon inspection, have been found to be so mechan­ically deficient, that it is illegal for them to be operating on the roadways, and they are declared out of service. These chilling statistics of injuries, deaths and illegally operating and unsafe semi-trucks are simply unacceptable. Changes must be made in the trucking industry to protect our friends, our families, and the American motoring public.

If you have been injured or had a family member killed in a tractor-trailer accident, contact an experienced Melbourne Fl trucking accident lawyer at Injured Brevard. We have the resources, the experience, and the commitment to helping clients recover compensation after serious injury or death.

Derrick Connell serves trucking accident victims in all of Brevard County, including Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Viera.