One of the Best Lawyers in Florida

One of the best up and coming lawyers in Florida! Mr. Connell is an exceptional lawyer who works hard for his clients with a level of passion that is rarely seen these days. His diligent effort in taking on a very large insurance company that attempted to deny me fair compensation when I was helpless and needed it the most has enabled me to recover, and take charge of my life again. While many attorneys dump their work on paralegals out of callousness Mr. Connell really puts all of his effort into your case, the unmatched detail about every aspect of your case really shows every time you visit for updates, which he provided on a regular and continuous basis right until the end. You simply could not make a better choice in seeking his legal services.

  • A.C., Palm Bay, Florida

One thought on “One of the Best Lawyers in Florida

  1. Mr. Connell is a great attorney,very fair in doing all he can to help his client get the satisfaction of fair justice in their case. In my experience being Mr. Connell’s client, I not only was taken care of to my satisfaction, but very pleased in his professional guidance and direction in helping me make the right choice with thought out great wisdom’s to always keep in remembrance. Thank you Attorney Connell.

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