Motorcycle and Scooter Accidents

$657,500 – Scooter versus Golf Cart Accident

The Plaintiffs were traveling along a small quiet roadway on their scooter when a golf cart came across the median and turned directly in front of them. The scooter impacted or “t-boned” the golf cart, which was pulling a trailer. The impact threw them from the scooter causing road-rash, lacerations, bruises and lumbar spine injuries. Initially, the defendant argued that the Plaintiff was at-fault for driving too fast for conditions, overloading the braking capacity of the scooter and not “avoiding” the collision. Attorney Derrick Connell secured a settlement for the clients that provided money for medical treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Policy Limits – Motorcycle crash

The client was driving along US 1 in Melbourne, Florida when a vehicle pulled out in front of him. The driver of the motorcycle was unable to stop and forced to lay down the bike in order to avoid direct impact with the automobile. The motorcyclist suffered road rash, numerous lacerations and spinal injury. Attorney Derrick Connell obtained the policy limits from the at-fault automobile driver.

$50,000 – Motorcycle Accident

The Plaintiff was on his motorcycle in a large parking lot. The driver of an SUV ran into the motorcycle.

 Policy Limits – Motorcycle versus car accident

The driver of a large truck was distracted and did not see the motorcycle stopped for traffic at an exit area of the parking lot. The truck was able to stop before impacting the motorcycle, however the driver was startled by the truck’s sudden and abrupt approach to within inches of his motorcycle. He rolled the bike causing leg and spinal injuries.