Automobile Accidents

$693,000 – Automobile Accident Trial

The Plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle collision where he sustained neck and back injuries. The Plaintiff’s primary complaints were cervical (neck) herniations. By the time the case reached trial, the Plaintiff had undergone chiropractic care and pain management. His doctors testified that he would require some form of treatment for the remainder of his life. The case was complicated by the fact that the Plaintiff had previous chiropractic treatments and was not able to present a claim for lost wages. The Plaintiff extended a Proposal for Settlement to the Defendant in the amount of $39,900 before trial – the Defendant, being represented by State Farm, rejected the offer to settle. At trial, the jury returned a verdict of over $550,000, which resulted in a judgment in excess of $693,000.

Excess Verdict – Automobile Accident Trial

The Plaintiff was involved in an automobile accident that resulted in him undergoing a spinal fusion. Prior to filing the law suit, the defendant insurance company offered a nominal amount to settle. After a five day trial, the jury came back with a verdict in excess of the policy. Attorney Derrick Connell then sought attorney fees and costs. During the process the defendant appealed the verdict. At appellate mediation the parties settled for a confidential amount that was in excess of the policy limits.

$200,000 – Automobile Accident: Minor Impact

While stopped at a stop sign, the client was involved in a “minimal impact” rear-end collision resulting in minor property damage. The defendant insurance company argued that such a negligible impact could not cause the alleged injuries. Attorney Derrick Connell argued that the transfer of force at impact caused a severe injury to the client’s cervical spine. Ultimately, the policy limits of both the Bodily Injury and Uninsured Motorist were recovered for the client.

Confidential Settlement – Auto Accident

While stopped in a construction zone on a rural road, the Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer. The impact thrust her vehicle into several others causing a multi-car, multi-fatality crash. It was estimated that the tractor-trailer was exceeding the speed limit and never applied his breaks prior to impact. Derrick Connell, working with both the defendant corporation and the lawyers representing the other Plaintiffs, was able to secure a very large (and confidential) settlement for the deceased’s estate. Additionally, Mr. Connell collected the Under-Insured Motorist coverage.