Boating Accidents

Confidential Settlement – Boat Collision

The clients were traveling along a navigable waterway in their family airboat when they were struck head on by a tour boat. The captain of the defendant boat failed to yield the right-of-way and actually turned into the client’s boat. The impact resulted in numerous individuals being thrown from both boats, resulting in significant injuries to multiple parties. It was initially argued by the defendant captain that our client was at-fault and that there was no insurance coverage for the vessel. However, attorney Derrick Connell was successful in proving exactly the opposite. By working with the attorneys for the other parties and the defendant corporation, Derrick Connell was able to secure a recovery for his clients that compensated them for medical bills, lost wages, pain-and-suffering, and property damage.

Property Damage Settlement – Jet Ski collided with boat

While docked at a local private boat dock, a jet ski collided with the client boat. The driver of the jet ski was attempting to “spray” the individuals standing on the boat dock when he apparently lost control of the jet ski. The jet ski collided with the transom of the boat causing significant damage. The insurance company for the defendant jet ski did not want to pay for the repair to the boat because in their assessment the repairs were greater than the purchase price of the vessel.  Attorney Derrick Connell successfully argued the case law and recovered the value of fully repairing the boat, as well as additional money for lost use.