Miscellaneous Verdicts & Settlements

Confidential Settlement – Entryway Door Malfunction

The Plaintiff was entering a local business when the self-closing door slammed violently on her foot. This caused a severe laceration to her heel. After the initial surgery to close the wound, the laceration went on to become infected and required additional treatment. After the open wound healed, the Plaintiff was left with significant scarring and scar tissue that causes pain when she walks and/or wears certain shoes. The defendants denied liability and refused to make a pre-suit offer. Attorney Derrick Connell filed a law suit and moved towards trial against all five defendants, which included the door manufacturer. After taking numerous depositions, completing major discovery and aggressively pushing the case, the defendants all settled with the Plaintiff one week before the trial docket.

Confidential Settlement – Burn from Leg Wax

The client was a patron at a local beauty salon when she was burned by the technician while having her legs waxed. It was determined that the wax was heated above normal conditions and applied to the client without checking the temperature. The burns caused permanent scarring on her leg. The case settled prior to filing suit.

$70,000 – Fall from Roof

While helping his neighbor apply roofing materials to his roof, the client fell from the roof to the ground. He suffered several broken bones and an ear injury. The homeowner’s insurance made numerous arguments, claiming that the client was at fault. Attorney Derrick Connell secured a settlement for his client that compensated him for his medical treatment, pain and suffering and lost wages.