Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

$250,000 – Pedestrian Injury at Valet Stand

While at a local hospital, our client was valet parking his vehicle. As he exited his vehicle, he reached back into his car to get his cane, when the Defendant driver collided with the rear of the Plaintiff’s vehicle. Although it was a minor impact, the movement of the Plaintiff’s car after impact caused the Plaintiff to fall to the ground. The Plaintiff suffered a hip injury. Attorney Derrick R. Connell collected the policy limits from the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Confidential Settlement – Bicycle Accident

The Plaintiff was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk along Wickham Road. The Defendant, while exiting a parking lot, pulled his SUV out into the path of the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff’s bicycle struck the side of the Defendant’s vehicle. The Plaintiff suffered injuries to his head, face, mouth, shoulders and neck. The Defendant retained physicians to say most of the Plaintiff’s injuries were unrelated to the accident.

All along, the Defendant denied liability, arguing that the Plaintiff was traveling too fast, unlawfully riding on the sidewalk, and that the Defendant’s view was obstructed. Prior to filing the lawsuit, the Plaintiff only requested that the Defendant pay his outstanding medical bills – this was rejected by the Defendant and his insurance company. After filing the lawsuit and aggressively proceeding towards trial, attorney Derrick R. Connell settled the case for a value more than five times the pre-suit offer.

Confidential Settlement – Pedestrian

The client was walking her dog along Tropical Trail when she was hit by a vehicle. The defendant teenage driver was going too fast for conditions and allegedly texting while driving. The client suffered severe injuries to her entire body, as well as a significant and life threatening brain injury. She was in a coma for an extended period of time. After waking from the coma, she made a miraculous recovery given her injuries. However, she was unable to return to her job or independently care for herself. Attorney Derrick Connell represented the family, who had power of attorney.

$50,000 – Bicycle hit by Golf cart

The Plaintiff was travelling down the sidewalk on his bicycle when he was hit by a golf cart. He suffered soft tissue injuries which required chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. Attorney Derrick Connell proved negligence on the golf cart and settled the case.