Trip and Fall

$136,000 – Trip and Fall on Handicap Ramp

The client was walking up a handicap ramp at a local eating establishment when her foot caught an expansion joint causing her to fall to the ground. It was discovered that this ramp was constructed using wooden expansion joints between each concrete section of the ramp. With the changing weather in Florida, the expansion joints would expand and contract in a way that created a hazard for anyone traversing the ramp. Derrick Connell, through his expert witness, proved that this was not a common building practice and created an unnecessary hazard to all patrons. Not only did the company settle with our client, they also repaired hazardous condition so no one else would be injured by this ramp.

Confidential Settlement – Trip and Fall

While shopping at a well-known big box retail store, the Plaintiff tripped and fell when she caught her foot on safety cable that was left loose on the floor. She fell to the ground causing both shoulder and spinal injuries. Her injuries resulted in injections and radio frequency ablations. Prior to retaining Mr. Connell, the company offered her less than her total medical bills. After attorney Derrick Connell took the case, he filed suit and proceeded to trial. The company ultimately settled with the Plaintiff for more than eight times their pre-suit offer.