Wrongful Death

Confidential Settlement – Wrongful Death: Drowning

Attorney, Derrick R. Connell, represented the family of a toddler that drowned in a retention pond behind his parents’ condominium. The Plaintiff made allegations that included: the sloping of the pond was not compliant with local ordinances; there was not adequate fencing; the sandy “beach” was an attractive nuisance; and that the complex failed to repair the child safety lock on the main door after numerous requests by the mother. Until the end, the Defense maintained the position that the complex did not contribute to the child’s drowning and that the mother was one-hundred percent responsible. Derrick R. Connell successfully obtained a settlement for the family, the terms of which were confidential.

Confidential Settlement – Wrongful Death: Auto Accident

While stopped in a construction zone on a rural road, the Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer. The impact thrust her vehicle into several others causing a multi-car, multi-fatality crash. It was estimated that the tractor-trailer was exceeding the speed limit and never applied his breaks prior to impact. Derrick Connell, working with both the defendant corporation and the lawyers representing the other Plaintiffs, was able to secure a very large (and confidential) settlement for the deceased’s estate. Additionally, Mr. Connell collected the Under-Insured Motorist coverage.


Policy Limits BI/UM – Wrongful Death: Auto Accident

Attorney Derrick Connell represented the family of a lady that was killed in a head on collision. The defendant was driving erratically, swerved into oncoming traffic, and hit the deceased vehicle at a high rate of speed. Although there is never enough compensation for the loss of a loved one, Mr. Connell was able to collect all of the available coverage for the family members.